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Give Back

Here at GST, we work with so many amazing organizations that work tirelessly to ensure the preservation, conservation, and well-being of animals of all shapes and sizes, not just the shelled and scaly ones! This page will feature an organization for you to learn about, visit, or make a donation to give back to the wonderful people and animals!


Popcorn Park Animal Refuge


Lacey Township, NJ

Popcorn Park is a refuge for all animals, exotic and domestic. They are a non-profit geared toward rescuing animals from all aspects including injury, abandonment, handicap, non-releasable wildlife, old age, or illegal ownership. They provide excellent veterinary care, enclosures, and a home for animals that desperately need it.  


Tigers, Lions, and well... Everything!

Located in Forked River, NJ, you can visit Popcorn Park Animal Refuge. Learn about all 200 of the amazing rescued animals and their incredible stories. 


Give a Gift to a stranger

Wish List

Have you ever bought a gift for a monkey? How about a bird? Well now you can! Enrichment is one of the biggest pillars of animal care in any zoo. Popcorn Park Animal Refuge is a donation based zoo, so they've created a wish list for their animals to help enrich their lives with fun things like puzzle feeders, hammocks, scents, toys and more! Click here to send a gift to a furry, feathery, or scaly friend!


Painting with Otis

We work hand in hand with this amazing organization to help manage the rescued and surrendered reptiles that come our way. Otis, among many others, is actually an eastern box turtle that was surrendered to Popcorn Park Animal Refuge. Because of his spunk and personality, Otis had to have a very unique forever home here at GST. 

Otis, the famous turtle, has warmed the hearts and captivated thousands with his charismatic and unusual personality. He has been here with us a few months now, in his very own naturalistic enclosure. 

As a thank you for getting Otis to his forever home, we'd like to give back to Popcorn Park Animal Refuge by offering these genuine Otis-made paintings for bid. Monies made will be donated to Popcorn Park to support them in their efforts in ensuring that all animals big or small have a forever home and receive the utmost care. 

To bid on one of Otis's paintings and contribute to the Popcorn Park Animal Refuge, click here

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