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As herpetoculture grows across the globe, new methods are surfacing regarding the care and maintenance of reptiles and amphibians. One thing that's now a constant is the realization that baby tortoises must be raised in a humid microclimate.

This often intimidates keepers because achieving proper humidity in order to keep tortoises growing correctly can be very tricky. Sometimes we over-think things and actually end up causing accidental harm. It's no secret that keeping tortoises properly and maintaining smooth shell growth can be a tough task but does it really need to be that hard to accomplish? The answer is NO and it's a confident no. In our BRAND NEW video we show you how to safely, cheaply, easily and effectively raise baby tortoises so that they not only grow naturally but so they'll be set up early in life for ultimate, long-term success. Click the video below to watch now and make sure you're subscribed to our YouTube channel with all notifications enabled so you get notified every Sunday when we post a new one!


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