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Many of you have written in asking how it's possible for us to let our tortoises and turtles live a life outdoors, because of predators. It's very true that these animals are vulnerable to predatory mammals such as raccoons, but birds like crows are also a very real threat, especially to babies and eggs. It's something that is taken seriously here because while we want the most naturalistic life possible for these reptiles, we can't turn our backs to the potential devastation looming, especially at night. Check out this video we just did that goes over each method we use to ensure the safety of our animals and in the description of the video you'll find a link to our Amazon storefront where you can purchase the exact items for yourself. Enjoy the video and be able to sleep at night. Click below to watch now:


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This video is private, I would like to see it

Mi piace

My Russian tortoise is acting strange he's not eating, hes sleeping all day going on second day l brought him to vet 2 weeks ago she said he's fine he's about 8 or 10 yrs old l give him exercise all fresh veggies bath every 3 to 4 days he doesn't drink water l'me worry about him please get bk let me know what you think thank you Nancy

Mi piace

I love see all that you both do for these amazing creatures.!

Mi piace
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