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It's very important that you thoroughly read through and understand our terms. We take everything seriously, our animals come first and we run a vert smooth operation. By contacting us and purchasing any animal(s) from us, we assume you have already read this information and there will be no exceptions to any situation. Thank you in advance!


  • Garden State Tortoise LLC Ships via FedEx overnight through Ship Your Reptiles, to your door, Monday through Wednesday only. We do not use any other carrier or method, no exceptions. 


  • Garden State Tortoise LLC is NOT responsible for carrier delays, mishaps or losses in any way, shape or form. This includes but is not limited to flight delays or cancellations, sorting errors, routing issues, improper addresses and/or failed delivery attempts.


  • Shipping charges are 100% the responsibility of the buyer and will be tacked onto any order. Pricing depends on buyer's location, weight and size of box. We have NO control over actual shipping costs. Garden State Tortoise LLC may offer to cover shipping fees in special circumstances such as when buyer purchases multiple animals. This may never be assumed by the buyer and must first be offered up front by Garden State Tortoise LLC.


  • Buyer provides valid address and phone number for all orders placed. Failure to do so will result in shipping delays and order processing. Phone numbers are a necessity! 


  • Pricing: Pricing of animals is assigned accordingly. This is of course based on rarity of species/subspecies, sex, condition, age, size, history and color. We decide the prices for animals, not you, and we do not have any interest in competing with other breeders/companies. Remember, we actually breed these animals here. It's a 24/7 job! If you find an animal cheaper elsewhere, then by all means buy it, we will even help you decide if it is a healthy specimen and/or whether or not the seller is reputable. No hard feelings here, but keep in mind that once you agree to our pricing, there are no refunds regardless of the situation. 


  • Garden State Tortoise LLC offers live arrival guaranteed so long as the buyer has provided a valid address and is home to receive the shipment.

  • Our animals come with a 30 day health guarantee however, it is IMPERATIVE that you follow our care guidelines for them. Our care guidelines consist of e-mails between yourself and us, care sheets on this site, care sheets on Hermanni Haven, our YouTube videos and anything we have authored on forums, other sites, books and magazines. If an issue arises within the 30 day guarantee, you MUST provide photos of the animal(s), enclosure(s), lighting, placement of enclosure(s), diet and anything else Garden State Tortoise LLC requires to assess the situation. Absolutely no exceptions. If our care guidelines have not been followed, the guarantee is then forfeited. 


  • ANY and ALL issues with shipments MUST be reported to Garden State Tortoise LLC within 24 HOURS OF ARRIVAL. Absolutely NO exceptions! This includes, but is not limited to DOA, illlness, injury, wrong animal(s) and/or quantity errors.


  • Photos and/or video WILL BE REQUIRED in the event of a sick, dead and/or injured animal. If there is an issue with your shipment and you notify us within the 24 hour allowed period, you will be asked to provide proof. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you discard of an animal before discussing an issue with us, it's on you. In the event that the buyer wishes to send an animal back, shipping charges are 100% the responsibility of the buyer.


  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL! This absolutely includes and all sales made via our Prepaid Preorders. There is no backing out of a sale once payment has been received. You understand this when entering into a transaction of any kind with us. It is your job to check with your spouse, significant other, landlord, zoning laws, county, state or town laws, roommate, family or friends PRIOR to engaging in a transaction with us. We expect and trust you to be nothing less than responsible, therefore, any issues that may surface after payment has been made will not be entertained. Refunds will only be given based on Garden State Tortoise LLC's discretion and after proof of an issue has been shown to us once shipment has commenced. If replacements are available, they will be offered to you as compensation. Refunds will only be given if replacements are not available or based on the type and the severity of the situation. We make the decision, not you. 

  • Although we offer temperature sexed animals, it's crucial to understand that this is NEVER guaranteed. Science simply has not allowed for any other way for us to even guess at the sex of an immature turtle or tortoise to date. This means that although you can request a temp sexed "male" or "female", there is always a chance that the specimen(s) may turn out to be the opposite sex once they mature. Garden State Tortoise LLC will NOT be held responsible in any way, shape or form if the animal(s) end up being the opposite sex of what was initially projected. In addition to this, keep in mind that some species do not follow temperature sex determination (TSD). North American wood turtles, for example, experience sex determination through chromosomes not unlike ourselves, so, should you opt to obtain a species that does not follow TSD, there is no way we can even project the sex.


  • Garden State Tortoise LLC will not violate any state or federal wildlife regulation, WHATSOEVER. We work incredibly hard to keep this hobby alive by following each and every wildlife law across the country. We also take part in aiding our state and federal wildlife agency in any way we can. We intend to keep these healthy relationships we have built with them and we will do nothing to ruin it. KNOW YOUR STATE LAWS before purchasing. Absolutely NO exceptions. You won't get anything by us, we do our research and fully support the system.


  • In the event of an issue with your purchase, it is imperative that you contact us first and foremost. We want our customers to be happy and will work with you in a fair manner in the event that you are unhappy about something. However, it should not go without saying that if you take an issue to any of the online forums within this industry/hobby/community and attempt to publish a negative thread and/or post about Garden State Tortoise LLC and/or its affiliates, you will NOT RECEIVE ANY COMPENSATION OF ANY SORT. We MUST be notified first of a potential problem of any kind so that we get the chance to deal with it. Failure in doing so and by sharing our dealings with the public in a negative manner will land you with absolutely nothing. All contact from that point on will be stopped. If you have an issue, get in touch with us, we're very easy to talk to!


  • Shipping charges are NOT refundable in any case. Even in the very rare (1% or less) case of DOA, we cannot do anything about shipping costs. We will work to replace your animal(s) immediately and/or issue you a refund if we see fit, but we cannot compensate for shipping. We will of course cover the additional shipping costs for sending you a replacement.


  • Garden State Tortoise LLC in compliance with FDA Regulations, will only sell a turtle or tortoise under four inches (10 cm) for scientific, educational, and research purposes. You as the buyer fully understand and comply. See Title 21, Code of Federal Regulations, Section 1240.62(a) for more details regarding this law.

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